For many of our youth today the genre known as nasheed (hamd, naat, qasida, etc) is an alternative form of entertainment. For others it retains its traditional role as a devotional act.

For those seeking entertainment, the musical arrangement, the melody and the composition of the nasheed is critical to attract their listening attention. The lyrics in this instant are secondary. First they need to be attracted, then the lyrics educate. This is edutainment i.e. to be educated while being entertained.

The intention here is not to take one to the dance hall but rather into a state with a higher calling. Over the years we have had so many tell us that our expressions of this art form has assisted them in undertaking this journey and brought them to be spiritually centred, reconnecting to Allah (God) and His Beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). Alhamdu Lillah (All Praise is for God).  

Then there are those of us who look at the singing of nasheeds as an act of pure devotion as a means to manifest our attachment to Allah (swt) and His Prophet (pbuh). Here the lyrics predominate, as it is the outpouring of the sentiments of the heart on the lips of the Believer. Enthralled by Iman billah (certainty of God) and Ishqe Muhammad (pbuh) [Love of Muhammad (pbuh)]; the Believer lights up his soul by attempts to narrate his hearts experience by the lyrics and the melodic expressions thereof without the need for musical accompaniment. There have been innumerable requests from this audience for unaccompanied voice only renditions of our published work. This album responds to this by presenting to the listener the more popular tracks form our Sultan of Madinah and Majesty albums including two bonus tracks.

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