About Aashiq Al Rasul

Introduction to AAR

Aashiq Al Rasul is an ensemble of like-minded individuals who were brought together through a common empirical belief enshrined in an expression of love towards the Creator and his beloved Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

Since 1998 Aashiq Al Rasul have illuminated this expression in the hearts and minds of millions, spanning continents and communities. Delivering the fundamentals of tolerance and harmony through a universal language, not of the tongue but of rhythm and melody.

Delivered through a repertoire of classical Qasidas, Hamds, Naats,Qawaalis and modern Nasheeds intertwined with a fusion of languages and beats from across the globe. In a truly universal effort to harmonize the basis of humanity; love.

What does one do to increase peoples understanding of each other in a disparate world? A question which one may argue has a depository of answers, but AAR have one, a unique process and presence in the building blocks of human interaction, Social Presence.

Working with all faiths and cultures AAR aim to build social bridges with a unifying message of love independent of background, culture, race and position in society, and in doing so tap into the humanity that exists in all.

This presence has resonated globally since AAR’s inception in 1998, working with well-known personas indicative of the region, as to superimpose and amplify their message through their music.

A major component in AAR’s work is the work carried out with tomorrow’s leaders. The youth of today are more than ever bombarded with conflicting views and ideologies. AAR caters for this need by providing a platform for them to develop their latent creative talents intertwined with AAR’s universal view. As a result self-belief and confidence begin to emerge and exponentially develop goals, dreams, passions and ambitions in a positive way.

Our Vision

We aim to:

  • To help foster good relations between communities through the music, arts and culture.
  • To share the creative experience of a peaceful, loving and hopeful faith.
  • To build social bridges of understanding and acceptance between all communities.
  • To nurture the creative and cultural expression of all individuals.
  • To identify and develop musical, artistic and creative skills that offer a constructive form of expression.
  • To promote the positive image that music, arts and culture have within all sectors of society.
  • To support children, young people and women to become independent thinkers and to develop personally by enhancing their self-esteem, confidence and communication skills.
  • To develop programs and events for those with special needs, the vulnerable, young, women and the elderly.
  • To facilitate and promote community and cultural cohesion.